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Window Washing
If it's not fresh, call Property Refresh!

Window Cleaning Company You Can Count On

Property Refresh offers professional window cleaning services in Chicago. For over twenty years, Chicago residents and businesses have been relying on our pressure washing and window cleaning services.

Do your windows look dirty and streaky or need cleaning after a rainstorm? Is residue preventing you from seeing clearly through the glass? Has it been a long time since you have had your windows cleaned? Are you preparing to sell your property and want to improve its curb appeal? Whatever the situation, Property Refresh can help clean your windows!

We train our window washers to get your windows clean and streak-free without damaging glass, any existing window film, or window frames. No other commercial window cleaning company can match our quality when it comes to washing windows. Our professional window cleaning techs are always polite and ready to answer any questions you might have about your window cleaning pricing or process.

Window Washing Pricing

Nr. of Panes Inside/Outside Outside Only
1-15 $120 $90
16-25 $150 $110
26-35 $180 $130
36-45 $220 $150
46-60 $270 $180
61-80 $320 $210
81-100 $380 $250
101-125 $440 $290
126-150 $520 $340
151-175 $600 $400

Streek Free Window Washing Service

Property Refresh is a full-service window cleaner business. Not only do we wash windows inside and out, but we also provide the following services.

  • Storm window cleaning
  • Window screen washing
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Hard water removal
  • Window screen repair and rescreening
  • Ceiling fan cleaning
  • and more

Our window cleaning services in Chicago is fully guaranteed. If for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with the results, Property Refresh will reclean your windows at no extra charge or refund your money. Confidently schedule our window cleaner business!


How we clean windows?

This short video shows our window washers in the progress of cleaning residential house windows. All cleaning is done by hand using a window washing sponge and squeegee. We do not use high-pressure equipment or water poles to clean windows. Besides cleaning the glass itself, our technicians remove (scrape off) baked-on bugs, paint, and other hard to remove dirt. We also clean window sills and frames. You can even ask us to help you clean other hard-to-reach spots around your house.

Extra Services

French Style Windows

Inside and Outside
$6 per window
Outside Only
$3 per window
French Style Doors and Picture Windows
$8 to $25 per window

Storm Windows

Removable Storm Panes (half of window size)
$4 each
Removable Storm Windows (full window size)
$5-$8 each
Wood Storms (depending on size)
$5 to $10 each
Pella Storm Panes (depending on size)
$4 to $6 each
Screwed on Storm Windows
$5 to $10 each
Oversize Or Screw-on Storm Panes
$8 to $50 each

Window Screens

Screens Brushed
$3 each
We Use Screen-Cleaning Machine to Wash Screens.
$5 each

Other Services

Oversize Windows (depending on size).
$10-$20 in/out or $5-$10 out/only
Windows in Wells
$10 each
$10 each/per side
Window Frames & Tracks
$4 each
Ceiling Fans
$15 to $30 each
Scraping or Chemical Wash
$5 to $10 per window
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What others think about us

Our main goal at Property Refresh is to provide our customers with exceptional service at a reasonable price. Every day, we work hard to meet your highest expectations, gain your trust, and earn repeat business. Please read reviews other customers left us to see what they think about Property Refresh before you call us.

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