Window washing

Clean windows are a big advantage, having them professionally cleaned every now and then is more of a necessity rather than luxury. Since glass is porous, hard minerals and hard water present a danger to its integrity. Windows have to be maintained, cared for and regularly cleaned. Otherwise it will result in permanent damage. Not to mention perfect, spotless windows play a huge role in your homes’ or your business’ appearance. You can trust us with this task. We don’t use dish soap like most other companies. It is cheap but it leaves film on windows that dirt clings to. We, on the other hand, use high quality non-toxic commercial solution for your windows’ safety and your comfort. We do our best to keep our customers satisfied. You can do an estimate online or schedule an even more accurate free in-home consultation.
To get started simply call 224-386-4836 or email  or use our online form to schedule window washing service and get $15 off.


Range Inside & Outside Outside Only
1–15 $100 $60
16–25 $110 $70
26–35 $150 $90
36–45 $180 $110
46–55 $215 $125
56–65 $245 $145
66–75 $265 $160
76–85 $285 $180
86–100 $300 $200
101-125 $350 $220
126-150 $400 $250
151-175 $460 $300

Extra services

Storm Windows $3.00 each
Screw-on Storms $5.00 each
French Style $4 in/out or $2 out only
Skylights $10 per side or $15 in and out
Window Wells $10 per well
Oversized window $8 per window
Scraping $5 per window

Frames and Tracks

$2-$4 per window (depending on size and condition)

Mirrors, fictures, fans

$10-$50 (depending on difficulty)

Window & door screens rescreening

$20-$40 (incl. labor and materials)

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